Aerial Silks classes will teach you to wrap, climb, suspend, fall and transition seamlessly between two lengths of fabric. As well as being a full-body workout, the fabric theory will also challenge your body awareness and cognitive skills. Progression is through a structured repertoire of skills, enabling you to safely and confidently excel in this popular aerial discipline.


Aerial Hoop classes will guide you through a variety of acrobatic skills on the circular steel ring. Learn to transition from static holds and balances to dynamic rolls, drops and spins. Emphasis is placed on creating fluid sequences that move above, below and within the hoop, challenging both your strength and flexibility.


Trapeze classes will teach you a variety of aerial skills in one of the original circus disciplines. Learn to weave your way around a static trapeze using smooth transitions before layering these to create longer phrases of flowing movement. Sequences will travel above the bar, below and between the ropes, developing your strength and increasing your confidence in the air.


Stretch and strengthen in one workout. This flexibility class is designed to compliment your aerial training. A structured stretching program to help increase range of motion and improve active flexibility.


This class is aimed at beginners who want to develop the key components necessary for a strong and stable handstand. Focus will be on alignment drills, building upper body and core strength, improving mobility and balance techniques. Learn how to spot safely and ways to overcome the fear of falling.

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Workshops and masterclasses are hosted at Silk & Steel Studio throughout the year. These range from skill intensives, specialist aerial disciplines and related classes.


One-to-one sessions are 1 hour and include a warm up and cool down. What you work on during this time is your choice and can range from extra tuition to improve specific skills, a routine choreographed for you to learn, training for a performance, or just as an addition to your group class to expand your movement vocabulary.‚Äč

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