Sunday 8th September


10.30am – 12pm

This workshop is aimed at beginners who want to develop the key components necessary for a strong and stable handstand. Focus will be placed on alignment drills, building upper body and core strength, improving mobility and balance techniques. Participants will be shown how to spot each other safely and ways to overcome the fear of falling.

Prerequisites: This workshop is for beginners and no experience is necessary however it is recommended that you are able to hold a plank or down dog for at least 30 seconds.  

Price: £25 

*(£20 for Unlimited Pass students)

Sunday 28th April


2pm – 4pm

The possibilities are endless with the versatile “belay” wrap and this workshop will cover numerous entries, from static to dynamic, varying between waist, arm and leg loops. Several poses and transitions out of the wrap will also be featured, so bring a notebook! This workshop is perfect for those looking to expand their aerial vocabulary and in need of new inspiration.

Prerequisites: Must be able to invert comfortably from a climb.

Price: £25 

*(£20 for April Unlimited students)

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